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Our Supply Program Offers More Than Just Clean Air.

Getting clean air from your filters is just the beginning when you get your filters supplied from Filtration Concepts. Our supply program, Filt-Trac, is designed with you in mind; to make your job easier and to make dealing with air filters less time consuming and less stressful. We offer filters a very competitive price our buying cooperative contract so you're always getting the best price. Universities, hospitals, K-12 schools, and commercial businesses across the Southwest United States have been enjoying the benefits of our Filt-Trac Supply program for more than 34 years.

Competitor's Price - $3.87 Our Price - $3.87

What you get: What you get:

-Filter - Longer Lasting Filter

-Supply Chain Management

-Just In Time Supply

-Simplified Purchasing

-Reduced HVAC Energy Cost

-More Warehouse Space

-Easier Filter Installation

-Reduction Of Filters Bought

-Continued Customer Support


At Filtration Concepts, we are interested in more than just supplying you air filters. We are interested in providing filtration solutions that make it easier and more sustainable for you and your institution to change filters.

We do this by making sure you get the right filters every time with our Filt-Trac Supply Program.

Call us for more information about our Filt-Trac Supply Program or Filter Service. 806-791-2299

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