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Management Presentation

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Learn how you can save up to 30% of HVAC energy costs and 50% of waste.

In our Energy Management Presentation we will cover:

  • Particle Efficiency vs Energy Efficiency for air filters

  • ASHRAE 52.2 MERV test method

  • ASHRAE and EUROVENT vs Test Lab energy calculations

  • Energy efficient filters and how they will give you the lowest Total Cost of Ownership

  • Life Cycles Cost for filters

  • How to extend service frequency for filters

  • The importance of changing filters

  • Filt-Trac Air Filtration Supply Program

Portable Test Lab

Directly following the presentation is a hands-on demonstration of our Portable Test Lab.          Our Portable Test Lab will show the correlation between energy costs and the type of filters used to show real-time energy and watt usage. 

   This is one of the tools that we use to get you the best filter options saving on Time, Energy, Waste and Labor. 

Departments encouraged to attend

Facilities Management

  • Reduce your overall filter change outs per year

  • Filt-Trac logs make it as easy as possible to change filters

Energy Management

  • See how you can cut up to 30% of HVAC energy costs

  • Learn how you can decrease waste and carbon emissions


  • See the benefits of having an annualized purchase order

  • Proud partner with E and I purchasing cooperative agancy

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