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"Since we have been using Filtration Concepts, our Hot Calls are down by about 30%. We have more time for true preventative maintenace."

Tom-Physical Plant Manager-Large University

"What can I say about Filtration Concepts? I do not have to worry about it! I get what I need when I need it. It simplifies my job, and saves me space."

Dennis G.-Head of HVAC-Mid-Size College

"With over sixty stores in multiple states I needed a comprehensive program that would insure uniformity in our preventative maintenance schedule. Getting the right filters in each location was a big headache. With Filtration Concepts handling my supply is the least of my concerns."

Max W. - Head of HVAC-Large Supermarket chain

"Every once in a while you get one square and it goes right over the center field wall. We caught one square when we began doing business with Filtration Concepts."

Jim-Director of Physical Plant-Mid-Size University

"Our experience with Filtration Concepts has been that they will bend over backward to provide us with what we need."

Jack S. -HVAC Department-Large University

"I'm tickled to be doing business with Filtration Concepts. Their method of supply makes our jobs so much easier and warehous space, always a premium, is not cluttered with bulky filters. Thanks a million."

Jack J. - Inventory Control-Large Hospital

Lunch -n- Learn!

Want to learn how to acheive efficiency and sustainability for your air filters? Click below to let us know you are interested in us stopping by and showing you the benefits of our Fil-Trac Filtration Supply Program that can save you energy, space, time and money.

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