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Case Study - Achieving sustainability one filter at a time.

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

We are very familiar with the headaches associated with trying to manage a successful HVAC filter program. There are so many things that must be taken into consideration when wanting to achieve this. Two of the biggest components that have the biggest impact are:

1 - What kind of filters you use?

2 - What frequency are they on?

These two components can affect several factors that include your energy usage, landfill impact, labor, CO2 emissions, and money spent on buying filters. With the advent of universities wanting to become more "green," these factors have become very important.

Our history as a company started out in service. And with this service mentality, we've developed a unique supply program for HVAC filters called Filt-Trac that can positively affect all of the factors listed above. Not only does Filt-Trac make a positive impact on the environment but it can also help you achieve a sustainable and successful HVAC filter program with ease.

We have put together a case study from one of our clients which happens to be one of the nation's largest universities as well as a Tier 1 Research University that was needing immediate solutions for their HVAC filter program.

Case Study for Large R1 Research University - Southern USA


This certain facilities department had to do their part to incorporate a university-wide "Green Initiatives Program." The initiative on the surface was simple - cut down on as much as you can, where you can. They also needed to show supporting documentation to reflect their efforts, progress, and success.

When they first approached us, they wanted to know what could be done on the HVAC filter side to help achieve their newly-given goals. So we sat down with everyone, directly and indirectly, involved with their HVAC filters to discuss their pain points and some solutions that can help them achieve sustainability regarding HVAC filters.


With Filtration Concepts, the university was able to achieve, and in some areas surpass their initial goals. In addition, they also enjoyed some of the other natural benefits to Filt-Trac such as not having to warehouse filters, clearing up space, having their filters delivered pre-packaged, and sorted, which cut down on man-hours.

We were so glad to see the alleviation of stress on our clients' faces when they got on our supply program. They quickly realized that having the right filter on the right schedule really can make a difference.

To see how Filt-Trac can benefit you and see all of the other benefits it can provide, please call us at 800-687-5996 or email us to get your questions answered!

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