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HVAC Guidance and resources related to coronavirus (COVID-19)

Everyone is taking the proper precautions in relation to the COVID-19 virus (coronavirus). Below are some helpful product solutions and links to articles provided by ASHRAE and the CDC that will proactively address the coronavirus as well as other airborne viruses and contaminants.



If you're needing solutions to combat viral particulates, here are some solutions we can offer you.

MERV 13 High-Efficiency Pleat

• Available in 1", 2", 4" depths

• 50 ≤ E1 Particle Efficiency (0.3-1.0 Micron Range)

MERV 16 High-Efficiency V-Bank

• Available in 12" depth

• 95≤ E1 Particle Efficiency (0.3-1.0 Micron Range)

HEPA & ULPA 99.97%

•  Available in 12" depths

• 95≤ E1 Particle Efficiency (0.3-1.0 Micron Range)


For more information on our High-Efficiency Filters click here or call 800-687-5996

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