• Filtration Concepts

Never worry about lead time for your HVAC filters again.

Lead time for HVAC filters continues to be a burden in our industry as well as many others.

Everything from ring panels to final 12” filters, everyone we talk to is dealing with this lead time issue for HVAC filters - except our clients.

Even during the worst part of the pandemic, our clients were able to get the exact filters that they were needing at the time they needed them. It did not matter if it was a standard MERV 8 pleat, the highly sought-after MERV 13 pleat, or a 99.99% HEPA, they got it when they needed it.

They were able to get their filters when they needed them because they received their filters on a just-in-time basis via our Filtrac Supply Program.

Our program is designed to supply filters on a set schedule so that our clients always have what they need when they need it. And the best part is that their filters never show up in bulk. Rather, pre-sorted and separated, and ready for installation.

On our side, we’re fighting the lead time battle every day so that our clients do not have to.

When you start receiving your filters via the Filtrac Supply Program the procurement office, facilities management, or warehouse department does not need to worry about how far in advance they need to order filters.

Your filters show up exactly when you want them to - no matter what type.

Not getting your filters and changing them when needed have a profound effect in several areas. Areas affected include

  • Indoor Air Quality

  • Energy Consumption

  • The integrity of your HVAC Units

  • CO2 Emissions, and much more

These areas carry hidden costs that can be considerable so making sure your filters are changed when they should is a top priority.

But the Just In Time benefit is just one of many benefits of our Filtrac Supply Program. Filtrac offers filter solutions that not only make it easier for you and your institution but also help your institution become more efficient and sustainable when dealing with air filters.

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