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Never worry about lead time for your HVAC filters again.

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

As lead times for HVAC filters continue to be a burden in our industry, how can you and your institution stay in front of it?

HVAC filters, like everything else, have always had an inherent lead time built into them. But the last couple of years we've seen lead times exceed more than what we've ever seen before.

A lot of this is due to the pandemic, material shortage, and major HVAC filters manufacturers shutting down. Everything from ring panels to final 12” filters has been affected in some way regarding lead time issues.

With some exceptions, our clients have been completely protected from this lead time issue regarding their filters long before the pandemic ever started.

Even during the worst part of the pandemic, our clients were able to get the exact filters that they were needing at the time they needed them. It did not matter if it was a standard MERV 8 pleat, the highly sought-after MERV 13 pleat, or a 99.99% HEPA, they got it when they needed it.

We insulate our clients from a lot of headaches associated with HVAC filters but the most important is lead time. Our clients were able to get their filters when they needed them because they received their filters on a just-in-time supply via our Filtrac Supply Program.

Filtrac is designed to supply filters on a just-in-time set schedule where filters show up like clockwork at our clients' institutions, ready for installation. They do not need to worry about how far in advance to order filters, what to order, or if there is a lead time for the filters they're needing.

What used to take hours upon hours per month in a procurement office is virtually eliminated with the Filtrac Program. On our side, we’re fighting the lead time battle every day so that our clients do not have to.

Your filters show up exactly when you want them to - no matter what type.

Not getting your filters and changing them when needed have a profound effect in several areas. Areas affected include

  • Indoor Air Quality

  • Energy Consumption

  • The integrity of your HVAC Units

  • CO2 Emissions, and much more

These areas carry hidden costs that can be considerable so making sure your filters are changed when they should is a top priority.

Filtrac's just-im-time benefit is just one of many benefits of the Filtrac Supply Program. Filtrac offers filter solutions that not only make it easier for you and your institution but also help your institution become more efficient and sustainable when dealing with air filters.

So the next time you're having lead time issues, reach out to us and see how Filtrac can help you never deal with lead time issues ever again!

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Zak Crawley
Zak Crawley
Dec 13, 2023

I recently had my HVAC filters replaced by HVAC Repair Diamond Bar company. The service was prompt, and the technicians were professional and courteous. It's a relief to know that my system is now running efficiently with clean filters.

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