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Are you buying, receiving, and installing filters the old fashioned way?

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

The process of buying and receiving your filters is not as simple as we would like it to be. They show up in bulk, you have to store (warehouse) them, pull them, sort them, and hope you don't get a new unit because those filters you just bought are now useless - bought for nothing, adding to your mountain of inventory.

This tedious and frustrating way of buying filters for your institution is not only time-consuming for several people and departments, but...old fashioned.

If your current process looks a lot like the chart below, you may still be buying and receiving your HVAC filters the old-fashioned way...

16 steps. Just to repeat it all over again when you need more filters. 16!!

We have spent years developing a unique way of supplying our clients with their air filters in the easiest, simple, headache-free way possible.

We call it Filt-Trac.

Filt-Trac is a just-in-time supply program that gives you complete control of your HVAC filters like never before and drastically changes the way your filters are managed. From ordering to installing, Filt-Trac will have a positive effect on anyone who is involved with air filters.

These 16 steps of the old fashioned way are reduced to 3 when you receive your filters via the Filt-Trac program.

Let me show you how...

Filt-Trac is essentially the "easy button" for your institution regarding HVAC filters.

First, we start with an on-site survey that catalogs every filter and where they go in your facility.

Then we have a discussion on what frequency you'd like your filters to be on.

Annual PO

After we discuss which filters you'd like to receive at what frequency, an Annual PO schedule is produced that automatically orders your filters. From this Annual PO, you can see exactly what you are getting, when you are going to receive it, and where you're spending money on your filters. Instead of buying filters in bulk, you'll be buying exactly what you need when you need it.

Your lead time for filters will also disappear. No matter what type of filter (pleat, HEPA) you're needing, it will show up on that set frequency without you ever needing to worry about lead time.


One of the main differences you'll notice once you're on the Filt-Trac program is that your warehouse will start to become more spacious.

With the just-in-time aspect of the program, you'll receive exactly what you need when you need it and will no longer have to warehouse your filters as you have had to the old fashioned way.

In addition to getting exactly what you need, the filters are already pre-sorted by building, AHU, floor, wing, zone, etc. So instead of your warehouse personnel spending hours pulling your filters that are scheduled for that day, week, or month, they are already separated for you. Saving you time.


Each box of filters come with their own Filt-Trac sheet and label essentially giving your filters an address as to where they go and what filters are in the box(es). This will help your service technicians install filters faster, more efficiently, and also creates accountability for your HVAC department.


Buying, receiving or installing filters don't have to suck or be old-fashioned. It can be easy and effortless.

The Filt-Trac Supply Program can help you as it has helped countless institutions across the country achieve peace of mind and even sustainability solutions regarding their filters.

Don't let filters ruin your day ever again. Just sit back and breathe clean air!

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Mark Langer
Mark Langer
22 Απρ

Thanks to the HVAC Contractor Hobe Sound company for their attention to detail while installing AC filters in my home. They took the time to explain the process and even provided maintenance tips to keep the filters in top condition.

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