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With so many different frequencies, sizes to keep up with, and lead time, purchasing air filters can be scary. On top of that, you need to make sure you are getting the best filter at the best price.

Ernst and Young show that on average, procurement professionals will spend 109 hours a year purchasing air filters - valuable time that could be better used focusing on other things. With Filtration Concepts’ Filt-Trac Supply Program you will no longer have to issue countless PO’s for air filters.

Per the Facilities PM schedule, we will issue an annual blanket PO that will be issued at the beginning of your FY. Filters will show up when they’re supposed to so you don't need to remember to order.

This will eliminate the lead time often associated with ordering filters assuring that your operation gets the right filters on time, every time!

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"Since we have been using Filtration Concepts, our hot calls are down by about 30%. We have more time for true Preventative Maintenance."

"Our Experience with Filtration Concepts has been that they will bend over backward to provide us with what we need."

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