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What's the value of your air filter?

When you purchase filters for your institution you expect to get exactly that - filters. But when you purchase filters from Filtration Concepts, you get so much more. 

Competitor's Price - $ 3.87 Filtration Concepts' Price - $3.87

What you get: What you get:

Filter Filter

Supply Chain Management

Just-In-Time Supply

Simplified Purchasing

Reduced HVAC Energy Cost

Reduced Landfill Impact

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Reduced Labor

More Warehouse Space

Easier Filter Installation

Reduction of Filters Bought

Continued Customer Support

Filtration Concepts offers more than just air filters. We provide filter solutions that not only make it easier for you and your institution, but it also helps your institution become more efficient and sustainable. 

Reach out to us to find out more information about our Filt-Trac Supply Program. You won't regret it!

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