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Reduce 30% of HVAC Energy Costs

The energy analysis we perform will show you Energy costs, Filter Costs, CO2 Emissions, Landfill impact, Frequency and more for for every filter opening you have. 

   From this you will be able to see several filter options and choose the best filtration solutions for your facility that will make it easier for you and your staff when dealing with air filters. 

   We follow certain Industry Standards, Methodologies and Guidelines when conducting our Energy Analysis for your industry and have been able to reduce overall TCO for air filters while increasing HVAC Energy Savings by 30%. 

Energy Savings

Numerous studies have shown that HVAC system use anywhere from 60%-70% of the total energy costs of buildings. This cost comes from the amount of energy it takes for the HVAC unit to pull air through the air filter.

   And depending on the filters Resistance To Air, Dust Holding Capacity (DHC) and Type of Media, this cost can be reduced between 15%-30%.

Filter Costs

Air Filter selection, like anything else, is often decided by the bottom line-"What is the cheapest product I can buy?" Cheaper filters lead to poor Indoor Quality, frequent filter chang-outs, Increased Labor, Larger Carbon Footprint and increased Landfill Impact.

   Choosing a filter that has a better Media, Dust Holding Capacity and Lower Average Pressure Drop may cost more upfront, but can actually save you money on how much you spend on air filters overall.

CO2 Emissions

81% of a filters Life Cycle Cost comes from the energy it takes to pull air through the filter. 

   The more energy HVAC units use, the larger the Carbon Footprint that unit will have. 

   Having Energy Efficient filters can help reduce this output and lessen the impact of CO2 Emissions. 


Reduce the number of filters that are changed by half and free up staff to work on other PM issues or jobs. 

   Our Energy Analysis will show you where you are cutting filter change outs, labor and waste. 

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