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Total Cost of Ownership

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Elements that make up TCO

Total Cost of Ownerhship is a phrase that is used to illustrate the cost associated with filters during their lifcycle. Our survey process not only includes upfront costs of air filters, but other costs directly and indirectly related to the filters you are using. Some include:

 >Filter costs

 >Cost of KWH

 >Productivity costs

 >Labor costs

 >Maintenance costs

 >Waste costs

 >Procurement costs

 >Filter efficiency


 >Dust Holding Capacity

 >Pressure Drop


Reducing your TCO

Having the right filter on the right schedule is important in reducing your Total Cost of Ownerhip for air filters. During our survey, we look at your current filter solution and make filter and frequency recommendations that will reduce your Total Cost of Ownership.


LEED standards and IAQ are top considerations when we make recommendations for your air filters. Our Survey Team follows ASHRAE and NAFA standards when making air filter recommendations to ensure you have what you need. 

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