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Filt-Trac Filtration

Supply Program

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Filtration Concepts

PO Box  16560

Lubbock, Texas 79490


P 800.687.5996

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   We offer many air filtration solutions that include: lower energy, cleaner air, longer filter life, less waste, more space, and less labor. Our custom filtration solutions make it as easy as possible dealing with air filters.  Instead of just supplying air filters, we provide solutions tailored to your needs that help dealing with filters hassle-free. 


Who Benefits?

Filt-Trac helps alleviate the pressure, time and stress often associated with keeping up with filters in the following departments:


-Facilities Management

-Preventative Maintenance


-Energy Management



IAQ or Lower Energy

Why not both? They are equally important. When surveying your facility, we suggest filters that have a higher MERV rating and a lower pressure drop resulting in cleaner air and lower energy costs.

   Click here and let us come and talk to you about our Filt-Trac Supply Program because having both premium indoor air quality and low energy costs more important than ever now. 

Comprehensive- A building-by-building, unit-by-unit survey will ensure we do not miss a thing

Custom Clips and Fasteners- Get the right solutions for your AHU's and prolong the life of your filters

Sustainable Solutions-Get lower TCO with for your air filters

Easier Solutions- Easier purchasing, receiving, sorting, installing, updating and managing. 

CFM Testing- We will measure air flow for each AHU giving you an accurate TCO for your filters

More Time- Change less filters cutting labor costs

What else Filt-Trac does


Lunch -n- Learn!

Want to learn how to achieve efficiency and sustainability for your air filters? Click below to let us know you are interested in us stopping by and showing you the benefits of our Fil-Trac Filtration Supply Program that can save you energy, space, time and money.

Contact Us

Filtration Concepts

PO Box  16560

Lubbock, Texas 79490


P 800.687.5996

F 806.799.2374

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