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Filt-Trac Filtration

Supply Program

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Filtration Concepts

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   Choosing the right MERV ratings, DHC and schedule for your air filters are all elements that can help reduce HVAC energy cost by up to 30%.

   Filt-Trac looks at and catalogs every filter on-site and is able to make efficient, sustainable filter recommendations depending on your situation. Our recommendations show you the Life Cycle cost of various filtration options with our building by building, unit by unit Energy Analysis.

   This Energy Analysis shows energy costs, landfill impact, CO2 emissions, filter cost and more related to air filters. From this survey, Filtration Concepts will be able to offer the best solution that best fits your needs or requirements. 

   Having the right filters and schedule can make a huge difference in achieving sustainability that reduces energy costs, filters costs, frequency and more.

Who Benefits?

Filt-Trac helps alleviate the pressure, time and stress often associated with keeping up with filters in the following departments:


-Facilities Management

-Preventative Maintenance


-Energy Management



Energy Efficiency- Reduce HVAC energy costs up to 30%

IAQ or Lower Energy?

Why not both? They are equally important. When surveying your facility, we suggest filters that have a higher MERV rating and a lower pressure drop resulting in cleaner air and lower energy costs.

   Click here and let us come and talk to you about our Filt-Trac Supply Program because having both premium indoor air quality and low energy costs more important then ever now. 

Time Management- Reduce time ordering, receiving, sorting, installing and updating your filters


Greener and Cleaner- Reduce the amont of Carbon Dioxide emission 


Extended Life- Double the life of your air filters

Waste Managment- Reduce the amount of waste by 50%

Buy Less Filters- Attain efficiency by cutting your workload by 50%

Energy Analysis- Receive a building-by-building, unit-by-unit energy analysis letting you see energy costs, filter costs, waste and more per unit, per building

Delicate Balance- Get superior Indoor Air Quality while maintaining energy efficiency

What else Filt-Trac does


Lunch -n- Learn!

Want to learn how to achieve efficiency and sustainability for your air filters? Click below to let us know you are interested in us stopping by and showing you the benefits of our Fil-Trac Filtration Supply Program that can save you energy, space, time and money.

Contact Us

Filtration Concepts

PO Box  16560

Lubbock, Texas 79490


P 800.687.5996

F 806.799.2374

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