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MERV Ratings

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Importance of quality surveys

With the cost of energy climbing, the importance of having the right filter on the right schedule for your units has never been more important. LEED standards and IAQ are top considerations when we make recommendations for your air filters. Our Survey Team follows ASHRAE and NAFA standards when making air filter recommendations to ensure you have what you need where you need it. 

Thorough survey

We have surveyed some of the biggest Facilities in the Nation. We have seen everything and anything when it comes to air filtration. Our survey process is extremely thorought and is able to provide feedback on-


   >Energy efficient filtration requirements

   >Particle efficiency requirements

   >Filter evaluation

   >Filter bypass 

   >Condition of units

   >Frequency recommendation

   >Air flow readings

We take it a step further

Instead of just seeing what you have in your AHU's and supplying that, we take it a step further and perform a Filter Audit.

   This audit maps your facilities air filters and is able to make recommendations based on the application of the AHU and the level of IAQ, MERV, Efficiency or Energy savings needed or required. 

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