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3,025 filters, 296 boxes, 25 schools, in 24.5 minutes

We love being able to have the privilege to be of service to our clients.

But we love it, even more, when they let us know that the way we supply them their filters has had such a positive impact on the individuals installing the filters, as well as the entire institution.

Here is the most recent story that put a huge smile on our faces!


3,025 Filters, 296 boxes, 25 schools in 24.5 Minutes

A large K- 12 school district here in our home state of Texas started receiving their filters via our Filt-Trac Supply Program not too long ago.

They receive filters from us on a monthly basis and each delivery has anywhere between 20 - 30 schools.

Prior to us being their filter supplier, some of their main headaches were finding space to warehouse their filters, fighting lead time, and finding time to pull and separate the filters when it came time for a school to be changed.

The person in charge of doing this was also over all of the warehouse purchasing, stocking, and pulling items for his employees to do their job.

He simply did not have the time or space.

Now that he is on the Filt-Trac supply program he does not need to worry about ordering filters, stocking filters, or pulling filters for his service technicians.

When we supply him his filters on his set frequency (monthly) the exact filters he needs for that month show up separated, sorted, and ready for installation.

In 24.5 minutes, 3,025 filters that were in 296 boxes and a total of 25 schools were unloaded from our truck, stored, separated, and were ready for his service technicians to install.

Each of the 25 schools was separated individually into their own bundle, separated by our packaging labels that come on each box.

We tell our clients that these labels give the filters an address as to where they belong - and they really do!

But more than just being separated by the school, they wanted their filters separated by Units, AHU's, and whether or not the filters were on the roof or inside. So these 2 boxes go on the roof. And this one box goes to the basement.

"Since we've been with you guys, I've been able to cut 3 hours of filter service time on the hardest building in the district."

With the way we supply filters to our clients, they spend more time completing their work and less time planning to complete their work.

We love hearing comments like this and knowing that we have added value to our clients.

We'd love to offer that same value to you and your institution as well!


We'd enjoy the opportunity to talk about what we love with you - Filters! And how we can make dealing with them easier than you ever thought possible!

Contact us today!

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