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Since our beginning in 1986, we have focused on building partnerships with our clients and finding ways to make their lives as easy as possible when dealing with air filters. Our innovative air filtration solutions have helped us become an industry leader in filtration supply and sustainable filtration solutions. For over 30 years, we have been supplying Universities, K-12 Schools, Medical Centers, Commercial Businesses, and Government Establishments across the United States. 


Our Filt-Trac Air FIltration Supply Program is unique in the air filter supply industry. It will help you purchase, receive, sort, install and manage your air filters faster and more efficiently than ever before. 


Filt-Trac has been proven to:


-Reduce HVAC energy costs

-Reduce waste

-Reduce TCO for air filters

-Reduce install time

-Eliminate warehouse space requirements

-Simplify purchasing

-Eliminate neglected filters and more.



Instead of selling a certain type of air filter, we are here to provide efficient filtration solutions that meet your unique needs and make dealing with air filters hassle-free.


Efficient, Sustainable Filtration Solutions

The Industries only

Filt-Trac Air Filtration Supply Program

Reduce up to 30% of your HVAC Energy Cost



Filt-Trac and Energy Savings.
Proven to reduce Energy, Labor, Waste and more
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On-site survey

The first step we take is a building-by-building, unit-by-unit on-site survey. We look at every filter and are able to make accurate, sustainable filtration solutions. 

Energy Analysis

See Energy Costs, Carbon Footprint, Landfil Impact, Labor and more regarding your air filters. 

Total Cost of Ownership

TCO, or Total Cost of Ownership is a term that is used to quantify not only the cost of the filter but energy, labor, disposal, and procurement costs. Filt-Trac has been proven to reduce your TCO for filters.  

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Let's Meet!

Managing and changing filters has never been easier! We want to come visit with you in person about how we can make your filters more sustainable saving on Energy Costs, Install Time, your Total Cost of Ownership and more. Give us a call or fill the information out below and we will contact you!

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